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Elon Musk shares the new and crazy innovation. Insane but incredibly genius. “Neuralink”… extremely tiny threads, inserted inside your brain (cortex) by a robot. And it can trigger an action on your mobile device, with just a thought. Thanks to Algorithms again.

It’s Micron scale precision.

Bridging the gap between Humans and AI. #elonthegreat


Human Brain.

Tiny threads.





Watch the full presentation here. Its fascinating and real.

It will be ready for use in 1 year as per the team behind it.

Meet Ai-Da: world’s first ultra-realistic  humanoid AI robot artist.. The Art is also changing.

Algorithms are magical. Meet Ai-Da. Even the Art is changing… beautifully. Lets see how far this artist goes with her imagination… her??? Sounds weird… #ai-da #algorithmicart

Who is Ai-Da?

Ai-Da is the world’s first ultra-realistic AI robot artist. She can draw, and is a performance artist. As a machine, with AI capabilities, her artist persona is the artwork, along with her drawings, performance art and collaborative paintings and sculptures.Check it out.

Click on the below link:

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” — Gustav Mahler

The Spirit in me bows to the Spirit in you. #thought11072019

Each of us can experience time as somehow “fluid”.

Time is weird.

Sometimes it slows down.

Sometimes it speeds up.

And sometimes it stops.

The only thing we know, its constantly moving.

So play with it. Make it yours. And be in sync with Time.

Your being and your doing are the same.

AI will replace up to 375 million jobs by 2030?

A recent report by McKinsey predicted that AI will replace 75-375 million jobs (3-14% of the global workforce) by 2030. The question of whether or not an “AI apocalypse” threatens human creativity, however, is much more contentious.

Hence, Creativity will be the skills of the future. CQ+ EQ
while AI technologies can exhibit some creative prowess, they are unable to replace higher-order levels of creativity.

From D2C to D2U – Direct to user.

From DTC to DTU… “Direct to user” business models are now required to fulfil the experience everyone is wanting to deliver.

A DTU approach allows brands to design not for what users think of a brand at each touch point, but what they experience at each touch point.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a myriad of direct-to-consumer offers disrupting traditional brand and business models. Dollar Shave Club is perhaps the most salient example. According to Fortune, within just five years of Dollar Shave Club’s launch, P&G’s North American market share in razors fell from 71 percent to 59 percent — setting the ball in motion for Unilever’s acquisition of the direct-to-consumer brand for a cool $1 billion.”

If done well, a DTU model is also an opportunity to have a closed-loop user relationship — an uninterrupted exchange to retain and protect user engagement for long-term growth. (Source: retailexperience) #dtu #dtc #reinventretail

Value of 1 min for you.

You realise the value of 1 minute when you are getting late. Ex: waiting for the train.

And the same 1 minute has less value when you make someone wait.

Time is relative & an illusion.

Will Google ever get tired of gathering data? Now they are after voice. Hope they do develop the brain they are trying to copy. Else this will never end ;)

Google is up for something big. Well they have Geoff Hinton, the “Godfather of Deep Learning”.

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